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Our Mission

Customer Success Planning is about you.

Customer Success Planning is crucial for CSMs, but it can feel daunting. Having discussions about customer objectives and strategy demands you step out of your comfort zone which is scary. Yet, growth and achieving your objectives are on the other side of this fear.

Customer Success Planning isn't just about ensuring your clients achieve their goals with your product or service—it's also a powerful tool for your own career development and confidence as a Customer Success Manager. We want to highlight this fact in our mission statement here.

Let's break it down. You have a book of business and you have many ideas you could share with clients to help them grow but you’re not clear on what their business objectives are or how to best present it to them.

How do you stand out and create an impact? How do you become the go-to person for your clients, the one they trust implicitly with their business success? Their Strategic Advisor.

Every business is chasing something—a higher ROI, improved efficiency, greater customer satisfaction, you name it. Your role is to uncover these goals, to dive deep into what truly drives your clients' businesses forward. But it doesn't stop there. You need to go above and beyond; you need to link them directly to the use of your solution—the very tool your clients bought into. This is where your Customer Success Planning shines.

We believe Customer Success Planning is one of the most powerful tools you can use to position yourself as a strategic advisor and the vehicle to develop customer value and yourself into a CS leader.

This is why Customer Success Planning is the basis of Retentional, it’s why we exist. If you agree with everything we’ve laid out here, then why are you not scrolling as fast as you can to the ‘get started’ prompt on our website!?

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