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Customer Success Plans for High Touch Teams

Tailor strategic success plans, initiatives and actions so you can prove to your customers that your value directly influences their desired business outcomes.

Customer Outcomes

Prove the part you played in delivering important business outcomes for your clients.

Customer Success

Uncover the exact moments your customers unlocked true value and success.

Product Adoption

Match your feature adoption to business outcomes your customers value.

Proactive Success Team

Elevate the value of your team's input and become proactive in driving value for your customers.

Stop Using Slide Decks and Spreadsheets

Use Retentional to drive home the strategic value you generate for your clients.

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Loved by High Touch Teams

Retentional is simple yet effective in driving customer outcomes.

"We've seen a meaningful jump in our engagement metrics with our high-touch clients, they're loving their success plans. "

Shawn N

Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager

"I loved the fact that Retentional allows our team to do handover of client success plans and pinpoint exactly how we're delivering tremendous value."

Jamie A

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

"The ease of use of the platform, the customer sentiment score and the clear ability to reference Success Plans to have a qualitative outlook on all engagement is awesome."

Khalid Y

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

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Verifiable Customer Outcomes

Clients are your strongest growth engine. It's time to take them seriously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Retentional a Customer Success Platform and who is it for?

No, Retentional isn’t your typical Customer Success Platform, we’re focused on strategic success planning. We specifically focus on helping high touch success and professional services teams drive customers away from churn and towards renewals.

Why do I need Retentional?

If you work closely with clients on a regular cadence, then you need Retentional to ensure the conversations stay hyper focused on delivering tremendous value to your clients in the most cost effective way. Retentional is not an expensive customer success software. We're super light-weight and hyper focused.

Can clients access Retentional?

Yes they can! Not only can your clients engage actively in their own success with their success manager but you could also save your most important conversations inside Retentional to ensure you have a timeline of events for when contract negotiations and business reviews are held.

Does Retentional integrate with anything?

If you are using a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot, we can integrate with it to ensure there is a consistent flow and nothing is lost.

We built Retentional to deliver.

Customer outcomes.
Customer success.

Retentional exists to ensure you can convey your value proposition in the most effective way possible.