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Retentional is now on .net

We understand the importance of Net Revenue Retention. Arguably one of, if not, the most important metric owned by the CS organisation. It's not only an indicator of tremendous value being attained by your clients but also a testament to the quality of your product/service. That's why we are now

The book definition of NRR is that it is used as a SaaS metric to measure the percentage of a company's recurring revenue that is retained (retentional) from existing customers over a period of time (net). This is one of the most important metrics in customer success. Many organisations tie the NRR performance of a CSMs book of business to the bonus they receive annually or quarterly to help incentivise the team to not only ensure the client is retained but to also uncovers opportunities to upsell and cross-sell into other services. This is particularly important for high touch customer success teams.

Hence what inspired us to upgrade our domain extension to .net - it just made sense!

We feel so much more aligned in continuing our support for high touch customer success teams to deliver ever growing NRR numbers through our strategic success plans.

For those that might be unfamiliar, Retentional is the go-to strategic success planning platform for high touch customer success teams that have a desire to deliver unequivocal value perfectly aligned to their customers desired outcomes. Use Retentional to show that your service is indeed a painkiller. There's nothing more important today than proving the value of your service, especially for your enterprise clients who're in the process of evaluating their budgets and spends.

Use Retentional to prove that you are vital to the success of your clients.

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