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What Is Retentional?

Retentional helps high-touch customer success teams drive home the value of their products and services using customer success plans. In this post, we discuss the core benefits of switching to Retentional to manage your customer value.

What problems are we solving with Retentional?

Our mission is incredibly simple. We want to bring you closer to your customers core value needs. Think of the core customer goals that you can help improve, we'll help align your team against the customer goals you've promised to improve.

  1. We solve misalignment in customer teams (internally)

  2. We solve misalignment between your customers and your CS team

  3. We break your teams reactive cycle of responses to customer problems

How does Retentional solve our problems?

Customers aren't responding to your playbooks or are ghosting you on calls not because they don't care about solving their issues but because they think they can do it without your support. They don't see the value you bring to them (outside of customer support requests).

We are breaking that world view and positioning your team as the go-to necessity your clients absolutely need in order to solve their problems really well.

  1. By the nature of Retentional, it forces your team to think strategically and behave proactively

  2. We place the customers goals at the centre of your CS teams focus - a constant reminder

  3. We simply make customer success planning better

How can I start using Retentional?

Login to Retentional today and start building customer success plans within the next 5minutes. It's that simple. There is no long winded onboarding process when it comes to using Retentional. You can also reach out to us for a demo using out contact email: .